Thursday, April 21

We had the Sentra towed to the garage Tuesday. And Charlie said “You broke it again?” This time it was the starter. Old. Too old. Worn out.  Story is, Anne and I sneaked over to  the pear orchard next to Liz’s, to take a picture of pear blossoms for FB. Stopped in the long long narrow driveway pointed toward her house to slog around in the off-road mud. When it was time to go, no go!  Walked to Liz’s, blessed her for being home, called a tow truck, and then realized we were facing the wrong direction. The truck somehow had to get in front of us. The driver was a big strong guy who–with Anne’s help– pushed the Sentra all the way to the turnaround in Liz’s front yard and got it turned around.


About Carol Foreman Brockfield

Poet in Medford, Oregon
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