Sunday, May 1

April is over at last–a lot of work writing a poem every day. Adios to that until next National Poetry Month! Yesterday Anne and E and I went to Shady Cove to see the 30th annual Wildflower Show. Impressive, even though the cool weather has delayed the appearance of some old standbys. After, we stopped at the Wood House on Hwy 62 for the Farm Festival. The Rocky Point Historical Society had filled the old pioneer house with furniture and life, and a big wood stove in the kitchen was putting out cookies. Neat! Outside a pair of pack mules and a girl-and-boyfriend couple in harness were put through their paces. And visitors could watch a smithy at work heating and shaping iron rods and investigate the workings of a variety of old-time engines. Lots of fun! Next weekend–for those not attending the NW Poets’ Concord in Newport– is a festival in Eagle Point.


About Carol Foreman Brockfield

Poet in Medford, Oregon
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