Water is life
and splendiferous fishies bask
flash their tails
leap into the treetops and
back to the sparkle
caress each other scale-to-scale
savor each mouthful
of their copper-flavored dreams
on Oyster Bay.

Over at the weeping wharf
well cloaked in fog freshets
waits Lewis Carroll for the Jabberwock.
Now invisible and keen of ear
he thinks to catch it whiffling
embrace the beast before it can perceive him,
burble off,  Bye bye, Dear.

The walrus has been delayed at the carpenter’s
by hurricane-force winds.
Get lost! There’s no barbeque tonight!
But the hungry waves stroke the sand
in such a way that even the clams stand to worship–
with the perch, whitefish, sunnies
even the low-bottom sole–
at the sounding rocks.

Noting the change of plan
the tide turns
as ever

-Carol Brockfield
Quite Curious, Spring 2011 issue.


About Carol Foreman Brockfield

Poet in Medford, Oregon
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