Tuesday, August 9

Something interesting: A packet of poems (good ones!) declined by a reputable market “with ink.” I’m really appreciative of the suggestions–but I don’t agree with them. Do I dare to disagree with an Editor of a Magazine? Do I think I know better? Yes! They’re my poems, my chosen style, and it’s my option to accept or discard someone else’s ideas about them. The consequences are also my choice! Maybe every other editor on the face of the globe (or–to be more realistic–the ones I select to send these pieces to) will also want more commas and reject these poems for want of them. Or maybe not. …



About Carol Foreman Brockfield

Poet in Medford, Oregon
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One Response to Tuesday, August 9

  1. I know; it’s kind of a sell-your-soul problem. The only time I agreed to make substantive changes the piece was subsequently rejected by the editor who’d told me to make the changes! Now I have two versions and no idea which one is best. Urghhh.

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