Tuesday, September 20

What’s new? Brown leaves are falling from some of the oaks while other trees remain green.  Ominous? The acorn drop seems minimal this year, after last year’s barrage; it goes in a two-year cycle, bang-bang-bang on roofs and heads vs. the current quiet tat-tat. Yesterday I picked a bouquet of sere oak leaves from the ground, added a moulted feather, some acorns, then found–surprise–half an eggshell. Birds (starlings?) are still hatching.

Otherwise, back from our near-week hotel stay, things are at a stalemate here. The downstairs finished floors continue to exude fumes after days of airing. (One day I forgot to close and lock the side door, so any nocturnal person who wanted to steal painter’s equipment, including one vari-colored ladder, could have walked right in.) No workmen–repeat: No workmen–are here for the fourth straight day. Baseboards are missing in an empty downstairs while our furniture etc. languishes out on the street in a pod. This too shall pass.


About Carol Foreman Brockfield

Poet in Medford, Oregon
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