Saturday, October 1

It’s October, and starting out the month/season coolish and cloudy. Deserted by the work crew, we’re putting down rugs in the downstairs (missing one! Where on Earth. ..?), putting books in bookcases and otherwise unpacking boxes upon boxes. It’s really hard to get everything back just the way it used to be. It took more than ten years of tweaking to settle into “the way we were.” Don’t think that a flurry of activity now will duplicate it. (So much for the pictures the construction company took. They don’t show details.) A neighbor who looked at our still-empty entry/LR/DR said we should have a dance party before the furniture came back.  It did look large and grand, empty. Now it’s beginning to look crowded. So ends seven and a half weeks of hell.


About Carol Foreman Brockfield

Poet in Medford, Oregon
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