Tuesday, November 1

Wow! November came while I wasn’t looking! Still waiting for that day when leaves drop together from every tree in a gold and red curtain. I love that falling day. It’s like “Last chance to hit the ground, guys! Bet I can beat you!”

Last night I was a witch again. A little more laid back than previous years in that I wore my jeans under my witch’s skirt and cape, instead of black tights. The good part is that every year I look more and more like a witch. I played the “Quidam” CD twice over (good “Halloween music”) before switching to Pandora. I discovered that all the Cirque du Soleil soundtract is good–minor key makes it. Maybe when I can no longer sprint from computer to the front door, holding up my skirt–after freeing my cape from underneath the rolling chair–I’ll be able to hire someone to open the door and distribute the candy, after displaying me in my chair, a witch if there ever was one!


About Carol Foreman Brockfield

Poet in Medford, Oregon
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