Thursday, November 3

Well, the leaves are as high as an elephant’s eye. Not really. But they rake into a pretty big pile, and a few hours after the yard service left the ground was already well sprinkled with them. They’re still dropping one-by-one; waiting for the curtain to fall with the grand finale.

Our house is finally “done.” The overall contractor did his walk-through yesterday and we signed off, testifying to superlative work and ignoring that which remains not up to snuff. (August 10 to November 2 is just too long, fellas! We surrender!) Chances are that no one will notice the snafus while admiring our new floors. If anyone cares to look up, we have a new kitchen ceiling, as well! Now we live with the reminder that mayhem can happen at any time. We were so lucky that we were home that evening when the sink connection broke!



About Carol Foreman Brockfield

Poet in Medford, Oregon
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One Response to Thursday, November 3

  1. Dee Chadwell says:

    I’m so happy for you. I hate hate hate living in construction mess. I look forward to seeing your floors. d

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