Tuesday, January 3

It’s 2012! Christmas and New Year’s are come and gone. Had a lovely holiday filled to the brim with chocolate.  Daughter Anne came, we went to a fabulous Christmas Day dinner party and enjoyed our annual New Year’s Eve party with neighbors who have become like family. (Didn’t realize today was a holiday too until–after no mail and no answer at the printer’s–the bank was closed.)

There was a new artificial tree decorated a new way, and we didn’t go whole hog as we usually do with fresh evergreen swag and wreathe in the living room, though from the outside it looked the same. (Found an anonymous note at our door thanking us for our display, very conservative and staid–call it “tasteful”!–next to our neighbors’.) And it all does become much the same after so many years. There’s all that busyness and bustling around that increases to a crescendo and then–boom!–is over, leaving us right where we were, but with new motivation–which hopefully will last more than a few weeks. It will all be happening again by the time the presents are put away, the candles are out of the window, and the tree is down. Keep all that stuff close at hand, because you’ll be putting it up again tomorrow.



About Carol Foreman Brockfield

Poet in Medford, Oregon
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One Response to Tuesday, January 3

  1. Dee Chadwell says:

    Boy, isn’t that the truth — years used to be long. Do you suppose time is really speeding up? Glad you had good holidays. We did too. Thanks for the sweet card and for sending my little Santa’s snowflake. I’m very fond of him. See you in a couple of weeks. d

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