Rogue Valley Genealogy Library, Phoenix OR

My father’s ancestors were in this country before the American Revolution. They came to William Penn’s colony from the Palatinate sometime before 1729, the year in which passenger lists were first kept. The name of the Foreman progenitor who immigrated here was Fuhrman, and he settled in the area of Philadephia known as Germantown. This was a “Pennsylvania Dutch” family.  Every male in my line from John b. 1774 to Clarence b. 1913 listed his occupation as “cabinetmaker.”  (No wonder my dad wanted a son. Daughters couldn’t be cabinetmakers.)

My mother was a first-generation Polish-American. Her parents had immigrated to this country from Mszanka in SE Poland in 1905, but her mother had returned there with her four children and was caught by WWI. They were evacuated in 1915 on the “last ship leaving Eastern Europe with U.S. dependents” (haven’t been able to verify this), and my mother was the first child born after regaining this country.  She (Cecelia) was all about being American and distanced herself from her foreign background, while my father had his eyes set on the past–doing what his dad taught him to do.  Add in German plus Polish, and what a combination!

Family names:

Paternal: Pennsylvania–Foreman, Dunkle, Gemahle, Diehl, McKinney, Carter, Appold/Abold, Irwin;   Germany--Fuhrman, Dunkle, Diehl, Roder, Tauber, Zimmerman

Maternal: Pennsylvania–Bobola, Babola;  Poland–Bobola, Lazarek, Moran, Dzwonek, Piwonzsona, Kozdra, Strzelec, Wantuch

Please contact me with inquiries, comments about these families! Thanks!

August 2011 Update: A genealogist at the Rogue Valley Genealogy Library in Phoenix OR went hunting for me and came up with the same uncertain answer I did. I’m now sure of one more generation in my Foreman line: Clarence Foreman (Dad), Harry Ralph Foreman (Grandfather), John Henry Foreman (GGrandfather), George Foreman (GGGrandfather), John Foreman/Fuhrman (GGGGrandfather) and Johannes Furhman /m. Maria (GGGGGrandfather).  I’m thinking this is the immigrant ancestor from Germany.


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