Poems by Carol Brockfield have been published in MacMurray College’s Muse, the MacMurray College Greetings, Harvest, Poets of the Valley and Enclave (Napa Valley College anthologies), Verseweavers, Flashquake, The Hiss Quarterly, Woman Writers, Quite Curious Literature,  The Cimarron Review,  Elektrik Milkbath,  Generations of Poetry, Whistling Fire, Lavender Review and Cram 11 ( published for free distribution at the National Poetry Month celebration at Harold Washington Library in Chicago). She is the author of three poetry chapbooks: She Walks, At Leaf’s Edge, and Knife in Hand–of which the first two are poem cycles and the third a collection about the Zen of raising meal worms. 

She participates in  Zeugma–an online poetry crit group–is active in the Rogue Valley chapter of the Oregon Poetry Association, leads a critique circle and reads at a monthly open mic.   

The poems archived here (See Poems) have been accepted and published by online and print journals as credited. Poets: Note that new and fledgling markets may be good homes for hard-to-place pieces!


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